What's Good Sudoku?
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A Sudoku that loves you

Good Sudoku turns your iOS device into an AI powered Sudoku genius whose only mission is to help you learn and love this classic game.

Whether you’ve never tried Sudoku, or you play every day, Good Sudoku’s elegant layout, intelligent hint system, and busywork-reducing tweaks will help you play better and have more fun.

A Sudoku that challenges you

We wrote a puzzle generator from scratch to create over 70,000 of the highest quality puzzles anywhere.

We spent weeks figuring out how to generate intricate and complex puzzles that require wild techniques with names like “XYZ Wings”, “Hidden Quadruples”, and “Jellyfish”.

A Sudoku that helps you

Did you know Sudoku puzzles are actually generated by specially programmed Sudoku solvers?

In Good Sudoku, we turned our solver into a helpful AI, so if you get stuck, it can show you exactly what the next logical step is.

A Sudoku that makes sense

Most Sudoku games have Easy, Medium, and Hard puzzles — But what do these difficulties really mean?

In Good Sudoku we’ll show you exactly which techniques you’ll need to know for each difficulty level.

We’ll also help you to practice them individually outside of puzzles, and keep track of which ones you’ve learned!

A Sudoku that’s never boring

Many Sudoku players spend a lot of time counting.

Counting is sort of like training wheels. It’s really relaxing, but it can prevent you from discovering the true beauty and thrill of Sudoku.

We built a bunch of simple tools that eliminate busywork to free up your brain to go deeper.

Soon you’ll be riding circles around your old strategies!

A Sudoku to compete at

We noticed when looking at other Sudoku apps that although there are often daily puzzle modes, those modes never include global leaderboards. Weird!

Good Sudoku has three global leaderboards to compete on every day.

A Sudoku that fits you

We’re proud of our puzzles, but we also recognize puzzles come from all sorts of places. That’s why we built a custom puzzle mode into Good Sudoku.

If you have a paper puzzle that you’re stuck on, or you’re trying some wild variant (like the Miracle Sudoku!) it’s easy to load it into the game, play and share it with your friends.

If the puzzle follows standard Sudoku rules, our hint system will even help you get unstuck!

A Sudoku made with love