Good Sudoku Support

For support requests, please contact me via email at: [email protected].
Please check the list below to see if your bug has already been reported.

Reported bugs fixed in 1.0.1 (fixed 7/23, currently awaiting apple approval)
- Game displaying too small on iPhone 6/7/8/SE resolution devices, hint text being visible pre/post hint.
- Many techniques in improve mode are unsolvable or auto solve
- notes tutorial freezes if you tap the cross-out-note tool before tapping a cell when asked to tap a cell
- Negative scores turning into very high scores
- Issues when rotating screen on iPad
- Puzzles load up as unsolvable after using techniques book (restart app as a current workaround)
- Daily modes get filled with notes and answers after using improve mode
- Confusion around Avoidable Rectangle techniques
- Clearer house delineation in night colors
- Emoji showing up in daily tournaments instead of medal icons
- Reducing battery usage

Reported bugs to be fixed after 1.0.1
- Cannot adjust colors in daily modes
- Save file corruption issues
- Double back button
- Double music play bug
- Add more Improve puzzles and randomize access

Future feature requests plan
- iCloud sync
- Option to bold grey notes for legibility
- autonote always function
- change color of numpad button currently activating focus mode
- option to keep phone from sleeping
- add explanation book to "menu notes" main menu option
- add scores to create mode puzzles
- allow for cross-off noting cells that cannot contain the number you cross off

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